Saving our Suffolk Swifts – a talk by Edward Jackson

Our Swifts are in real trouble! Across the UK, we’ve lost over half of these iconic birds of summer in just over 20 years. Edward Jackson from the ‘Save Our Suffolk Swifts’ project gave an informative and inspiring talk via Zoom on 24th April 2020, to kick start BSE Swift Group.

Edward talked about Swift life stories, the reasons for the rapid population declines and most importantly what we can all do to help these amazing birds – by recording and protecting existing nest sites and installing nest boxes to create new ones.

SOS Swifts is jointly managed by Suffolk Bird Group and Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

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We have also lost all but two pairs of swallows. Plus of 16 nests 20 years ago we now have no House Martins. We see a few Swifts in the summer. I live near Sherborne in Dorset. What can I do? It makes, me so sad.

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